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South America

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Channel 4 IR Cloud Top Colour Calibration
Channel 1: Visible (0.65um) deg C Approx ISA Height
  • Argentina
  • Below -75 Above FL450
    Channel 4: IR Cloud Tops (10.7um) -69 to -75 FL420-FL450
  • South America (every 3 hours)
  • -63 to -69 FL390-FL420
  • Northern South America (hourly)
  • -57 to -63 FL360-FL390
  • Northern South America Animation
  • -51 to -57 FL330-FL360
  • Argentina
  • -45 to -51 FL300 -FL330
    -39 to -45 FL270-FL300

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    Significant Weather Chart, North and South America, FL250-630 (KKCI)
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    Forecaster's Discussion (NWS HPC)
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    South America Model Discussion

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    World Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre
    Volcanic Ash Forecast Transport and Dispersion Model (run the dispersion model for any location on earth).

    Misc Weather Links
    GOES Daily Report from NOAA/NESDIS SATOPS
    CIMSS Water Vapor (CH-3) Imagery Tutorial
    Water Vapor Lecture
    GOES Imager Sensitivity 
    Aviation Links
    Worldwide NOTAM's from US DOD

    DisclaimerI'm not responsible for any system calibration inaccuracies and timeliness of my satellite images is not guaranteed, although they are usually posted within 15 minutes of acquisition. Please check the date and time (GMT) at the bottom of the displayed image; this corresponds to the start of the spacecraft's imager scan. Flight levels (FL) are in hundreds of feet; Temperature to Height correlation is based on a standard lapse rate of 2 deg C per 1,000 feet. International Standar d Atmosphere (ISA) lapse rate is 1.98 deg C per 1,000 feet starting from 15 deg C at sea level. Actual temperature height varies according to the moisture content, instability and other factors. 
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